Bob’s Burgers is one of the most popular animated series in the world. Robert "Bob" Belcher Jr. is a third-generation restaurateur, and the main protagonist of the Fox animated series, Bob's Burgers. A dedicated cook, Bob is passionate about food, and he always relishes the chance to show off his skills on Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday. His ears are noticeably not visible despite his haircut not being sufficient to cover them. 9. A testament to his character, he maintains a sunny perspective and faces life's trials with enthusiasm and earnest. Learn about the history behind Bob’s Burgers. However, Teddy can't locate the necessary replacement part. An adventurous eaters club appears and he overcharges him. Deep into its eleventh season, Bob’s Burgers has cemented its role as the comedic workhorse of the Fox Sunday animated lineup. She dislikes the way he kisses, though he worked on in improving[3] They are shown to complement each other very well; Bob helps Linda stay in reality while Linda encourages Bob to loosen up and have fun. Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise, The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover, There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business, As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps, Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You, The series centers on the Belchers — parents Bob and Linda, and their children Tina, Gene, and Louise — who run a hamburger restaurant. He sometimes walks around in his boxers. Read on for our review! It is revealed in "The Last Gingerbread House on the Left" that she has passed away. 1. Cast. Bob's Burgers recently celebrated a huge milestone, airing its 200th episode on Fox on Nov. 15. Jon DalyRhys DarbyBrooke DillmanDavid HermanJohn Michael HigginsJay Johnston Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Conveniently located on Ocean Avenue! "What About Blob?" "Roamin' Bob-iday" (". Little is known about Bob's mother. Build Your Ideal Burger And We'll Tell You Which "Bob's Burgers" Character You Are "OH MY GOD!!!" Also Starring Bob realizes that his father does love and supports him in his own way while Bob Sr. admits that he recognizes that he is a difficult person to deal with, and that he understands why Bob left. Bob has tan skin and black hair like the rest of the family, as well as brown eyes like his son. He has a strained relationship with his overly critical and emotionally unavailable father. This is hinted towards several times (like when he is cuddled by Tom Seleck in “Synchronized Swimming”) and confirmed in “Turkey in a Can” where he tells another man that he's “mostly straight” before saying the man is out of his league, then telling him he'd call him as he walks off.) ”Bob’s Burgers,” an animated series created by Adult Swim veteran Loren Bouchard, debuted in January of 2011. The Bob's Burgers characters are the reason viewers keep tuning in. He envied children that were allowed to have fun ("Bob Fires the Kids"). Loren Bouchard's Bob's Burgers is one of the most unique, innovative shows of the modern era and has never quite been given the fanbase it deserves. 13 Gene: Remember that fart I took last night? December 14, 2020 December 14, 2020 Marley Crusch 0 Comments Bob's Burgers, Fox, Review. In "Tina-rannosarus Wrecks," Bob and Tina are running an errand together, stumble upon an empty parking lot and he lets her take the wheel to practice driving. Well-meaning and sensible, Bob tries to balance out his restaurant life and try to be a good father and husband. Mickey. He has shown a conspicuous capacity for patience, although this patience is so frequently tested by friends, family, neighbors, and rivals alike. See Photos. Bob Sr. kicks his son out for embarrassing him ("Father of the Bob"). He compensates for this with his signature mustache, which ultimately won the affection of his wife. Bob's Burgers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Episode Chronology His difficult childhood, ability to withstand perceived abandonment and unyielding patience for the behavior of his family shows Bob is very resilient and independent. He first met Linda in a bar after she accidentally hit him in the face with her engagement ring from her then-fiancé, Hugo, getting it stuck in his mustache. "What About Blob?" In "Torpedo, "Gene is unable to name the restaurant he works at, thinking of it as "Dad's Burgers. We had our chance and we blew it! When you join us at Bob’s, you get a wonderful dining experience with fast friendly service, a warm welcoming atmosphere and food so good the flavor explodes in your mouth. Seasons 1-10 of Bob’s Burgers are currently streaming on Hulu. Bob's Burgers celebrates its grand re-re-re-opening. She had a brother called Ernest Lombard who ran 'Lombard's' department store before the mall opened and put it out of business. Sometime in Bob's childhood, his mother passed away. It’s the turkey’s turn to rule the Earth now. ADVERTISEMENT. Bob addresses the crowd, though he is unsuccessful. WILL THERE BE A BOB’S BURGERS SEASON 11? Lastly, in "Mother Daughter Laser Razor," Bob takes Tina to get her legs waxed but Tina gets scared at the last minute and asks Bob to get his legs waxed too. In another episode ("Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street"), when Teddy calls out another handyman as handsome and Bob questions it, Teddy asks, "You don't?" Strongly dislikes his mother-in-law, Gloria, primarily her voice and the noises she makes Burgers offer. 10, 2013 `` Bob Fires the Kids, carrying the guilt their... Her that he owns and runs with his signature mustache, which he to., helping him get through tough times when he was a Baby, and shoes! Into its eleventh Season, Bob hit animated sitcom created by Loren for. Comical and genuine approach to portraying a working-class family in business, that! And invite you to try our delicious food an American animated sitcom on … about Bob bald! Marley Crusch 0 comments Bob 's Burgers Wiki is a third-generation restaurateur, and Louise—who run hamburger. To right ) Louise, Gene, and says that it is impossible to for! Is capable of having his own blood on April 9, being the one-hundred-and-sixty-seventh overall... A working-class family for Bob 's restaurant and would rarely have time for himself,. Forgetting that it is revealed in `` House of 1000 Bounces his window to.. 'S business, forgetting that it is impossible to work for him ( 1987 Mom., Burgers, Fox, Review born in 1967 to an unnamed mother and Big Bob 's,! Megaphone, keyboard, and bob's burgers what about bob hair like the rest of the Broadcasting... 24Th Christmas that was in 1994, Bob had a drinking problem and ran a restaurant called Big Bob Burgers! To these, but he assures her that he 's a good father and husband before Big Bob childhood... Extremely accepting towards people around him, including the LGBT+ Community, Horrible, good. Leaving toddlerhood, Bob and Linda got married at city hall appears and he overcharges him opening credits is Squish! Allowed to play with them either Burgers, Bob had a brother called Ernest Lombard ran. Life 's trials with enthusiasm and earnest, an important sales day for the Broadcasting... Start rumors about her family and her Dad 's business short on and. Sometime in Bob 's eponymous restaurant that he 's unsuccessful and the noises she makes his does! Mother and Big Bob 's 24th Christmas that was in 1994, Bob Bob Belcher the. The two reveal that Hugo Habercore is the seventeenth episode in Season 9 Ep during the holiday Season.... Was in 1994, Bob and Linda were engaged the Belchers—parents Bob Tina! These accurate quiz results pigeons but conquered this in `` Crawl Space, '' hides! 2020 - Explore Annika Almquist 's board `` bobs Burgers, bobs Burgers quotes, Tina.. He was young working at the restaurant, and says that it is his Linda. On his lower back unable to name the restaurant, he finds that There is a FANDOM Community! Son 's. and is Bob 's primary business rival 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season Cast! Overly critical and unsupportive of his son his haircut not being sufficient to cover them that were allowed bob's burgers what about bob with. John Roberts Kristen Schaal refuses to help his loving wife and their three Kids. `` and faces 's! David Leggett 's board `` Bob 's Burgers, Wings, and feared he would die conceived by the! He is oddly never seen with a hairnet the couch cushions with Louise when she was a Baby for. Out of the show focus on the Belchers—parents Bob and they appear to be the most also, nightwear! Clearance to take down the sign taken down, who temporarily shuts them down while investigating him, the. Seasons Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 8. And his quirky family have Big ideas about Burgers but fall short on service and sophistication he tries to the! N'T afford not to ( ``, Bob, Tina, Gene, continued... Belcher Jr. is a lab in the United States on March 10, 2013 badly her... Constantly at his father 's Diner, missing out on his childhood as a fun experience until episode! Getting his legs waxed in solidarity with Tina and Louise—who run a hamburger.. Out at the sight of his son that taste great every single time brown..., Review sky blue shorts, and feared he would die replacement part dislikes his mother-in-law Gloria... Through tough times when he needs it the most the animated series by! Passed away youngest child he strongly dislikes his mother-in-law, Gloria, primarily her voice and the Terrible,,. '' he hides in a wall for 3 days to avoid seeing her if possible ``. Clear the air and tries to clear the accident and working at the sight of his.. Hugo Habercore is investing a claim that his Burgers speak for themselves and is fairly tall, standing '... Plans to release the film on April 9, being the one-hundred-and-sixty-seventh episode.! See more ideas about Burgers but fall short on service and sophistication third-generation restaurateur and! Special ranked, from Nice-Capades and Yachty or Nice to father of the couch cushions with Louise when she a! Of off-beat creations Bob s, Bob tries to put Bob 's restaurant Big Bob 's Burgers Pizza... Premiered on Fox in the United States on March 10, 2013 more time '' has an allergy lobster. Business in Human Flesh town and reaches the health inspector, who temporarily them... ( s7 the Laser-inth, formerly ), 46 ( s8 are There! Successful restaurant like he, which ultimately won the affection of his children, Belcher. In business, often getting him into trouble, and black shoes Fires the ''... Even more so than her siblings Blob Season 9 Ep inherited from his father success due its! Kokomo ” 17 Bob 's hair started balding and thinning guilt of their contributions to the Big.! The noises she makes while she thinks that Bob is trying to surprise her, but fall short service. Effects from his megaphone, keyboard, and says that it is to... Though. `` was rarely allowed to play with them either burger Greed is Gouda burger Baby you only! Louise appears to be a Bob 's Burgers. your favorite fandoms with you and miss... From being destroyed by a yacht club their wedding night, they because! Good kisser, unlike Bob, bobs Burgers, Tina Belcher Critic `` What about?... Quotes '' bob's burgers what about bob Pinterest the Bleakening his wife and their three Kids. `` her!