Here are some actual research: Longer fermentation of Doenjang improves its anticancer, antimetastatic properties. Nutrition Facts / Näringsvärde per 100 g ; Calories / Energi: 175kcal/ … Research that shows Antigenotoxic effects of Korean fermented soybean paste. More Information; Product Name: Sunchang Soy Bean Paste 15.9oz(450g) SKU: 880105243634: Country of Origin: South Korea: Brand: Chung Jung One: Net Wt. Since it is mainly composed of soybeans, it has … Soybean paste ("Doenjang") is one of the most popular Korean traditional fermented seasoning ingredients along with red chili paste ("Gochujang"). Stews in Korea are hearty with very little broth, and usually cooked at the table over an open flame and eaten immediately 2.Doenjang jjigae is Korean national specialty consisting of tofu, vegetables and bean paste … 15.9oz(450g) There are 199 calories in 100 grams of Miso (Fermented Soybean Paste). Korean fermented soybean paste has been found to have great health benefits such as anticancer, antimetastatic, and antigenotoxic effects. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Miso (Fermented Soybean Paste) including 1 oz and 1 cup. Ground soybeans are naturally fermented for added savory flavor which eventually turns into a delicious authentic Korean soybean paste. Jjigae is the Korean word for stew.