I love eggs and love trying out different recipes using eggs as the main ingredients. Step 1 Making the batter for Sweet Egg Toast. Nice lunch today, thanks for the new recipe. To make your very own Sweet Egg Toast, boil milk in a pan over medium flame. I did add a bit more hot sauce (used sriracha) just to suit my personal taste. Egg Recipes. Once done, take a bowl and mix together milk, turmeric powder, sugar, and eggs using an electric beater or whisker until fluffy. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/234080/sweet-deviled-eggs 5.9.20 Love egg salad and particularly liked the sweet-spicy contrast of the relish and hot sauce in this recipe. I have many egg recipe ideas and these sweet chili eggs are awesome. Egg is one of the most accessible protein; it’s also the cheapest and everyone has eggs in the fridge most of the time. Step 2 Cooking the bread slices in ghee.