5-17. They perform the following duties: 4-29. This volume is of maximum benefit to those who desires general information about general maintenance and practices. They will be performed according to TM 1-1500-328-23. The more faults deferred, however, the more delays when the aircraft receives scheduled maintenance. You are accessing a Department of Defense interest web site. 5-5. Most units will forward completed DA Form 1352 through local command channels. These man-hours are part of a unit's assigned man-hours, but they cannot be redirected to productive work. 4-65. Resources. Serve as Army aviation engineering support activity for critical safety item, critical application item, and other source-controlled parts ... Support update of Army regulations (AR 70-62) Prepare MWOs & MECs in support of Army field units; Provide maintenance engineering support to Corpus Christi Army … When the capability and the maintenance man-hour-to-flying-hour ratio are known, divide the capability by the man-hour-to-flying-hour ratio for the number of flying hours that can be supported. Logistics assistance personnel will coordinate actions with the commander and keep him fully informed of their findings and recommendations. Specific guidance on the MAIT program is in AR 750-1, which complements ARs 350-35, 700-4, and 700-138. The MAIT does not negate the commander's right to conduct formal or informal evaluations; it simply provides the unit commander with a list of problem areas and recommended actions. 4-62. The number of days specified varies with different aircraft. (See TM 1-1500-328-23 for a more detailed discussion of PPM), 4-59. The repair parts manual lists the GSE needed for the aircraft. Maintenance crews or teams rotate to and from the aircraft. Unlike the phase maintenance inspection, the inspection requirements of the PMS-2 stay the same each time. QC activities complement those of PC. Reduce the mission load.  Key proponent areas of the ARMS include, but are not limited to, the following: 5-28. AR 710-2 states that, as a minimum, all property will be inventoried annually. Visit AVUM and AVIM activities to help improve supply, repair parts, and maintenance support for using organizations. The ULLS-A provides an electronic means of completing maintenance forms and records. Commanders at each level will use that capability to achieve and sustain their authorized level of organization. Assigned man-hours equal the number of people on the unit strength report in a single MOS times the number of hours in the duty day times the number of days in a given period (normally, 5 days per week or 22 days per month). primary focus of this ATP involves performing maintenance, across the aviation brigade, within an aviation maintenance company (AMC) and aviation support company (ASC). TM 1-1500-204-23-1 CHAPTER 4 AIRCRAFT STORAGE AND SHIPMENT 4-1. Detailed procedures for preparing DA Forms 1352 and 1352-1 are in AR 700-138. AVUM units often postpone time-consuming minor repairs until phase. script.setAttribute("async", true); Qualified contractor personnel provide these services on site. They may be military or civilian employees of the Army or employees of industrial or commercial companies serving the Army under contract. Replace and repair stringers, longerons, bulkheads, and beams according to directives, TMs, and safety procedures. When the team completes a job, it prepares and forwards a detailed report to AMCOM. Categories of Storage.. The aircraft maintenance section will often have to perform unscheduled maintenance. Make work platforms available when possible. Chapter 3, DA Pam 738-751, provides instructions for completing DA Form 2407 (Maintenance Request) and DA Form 2407-1 (Maintenance Request-Continuation Sheet) to file warranty claim actions. The unit daily aircraft status report is a locally designed and produced work sheet intended to serve several functions. Duncan credited the approval in part to the help from its airframe mechanic II Brody Wullschleger, who had served in the U.S. Army and began as a tech helper at Duncan Aviation … In the event of a discrepancy requiring repair or replacement, a technical inspection is required. 4-64. The size of each phase inspection team varies depending on the following: 4-73. 18 Mar 2010. DASR 66 Military Aircraft Maintenance Licence. Units must maintain a PLL for GSE as specified in the appropriate TMs. ATP 3-92 Corps Operations. Properly designed QC procedures can ensure an acceptable level of quality while reducing inspection requirements and management efforts. This regulation mandates the minimum weather an Army aircraft may fly in, what survival equipment an aviator must wear, and stipulates that commanders must have a crew They perform the following duties: 4-32. Each phase inspection is a part of a total phase cycle, and each phase maintenance inspection cycle is a major scheduled maintenance service. Examples of the production line method can be seen at any airline overhaul facility. The supporting unit commanders to program and manage the support work load, anticipate repair parts requirements, and request assistance when needed. 4-40. Organizations and activities not using ULLS-A will record daily aircraft status and flying time on DA Form 1352-1. For this reason, close coordination must be maintained with the S4. ATP 3-93 Theater Army Operations. Reduce nonproductive time. Property accountability will be maintained per AR 710-2 and AR 750-1. It is imperative to use like periods of time due to seasonal flying requirements. Perform operator maintenance on GSE assigned to the section. Another way to expedite maintenance and provide AVIM-level training for unit personnel is to let the assigned crew chief accompany the aircraft to the AVIM unit. Minor faults deferred due to shop backlog or awaiting replacement parts will be reentered from DA Form 2408-13-1 (Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection Record) or DA Form 2408-13-3 (Aircraft Technical Inspection Worksheet) to DA Form 2408-14-1 (Uncorrected Fault Record (Aircraft)) only after a valid requisition document number or work order number has been received. 4-2. The unit's organic aircraft weighing equipment must be calibrated according to TM 55-1500-342-23 and TB 43-180. 4-92. These intervals should not be exceeded. This includes an initial inspection, in-progress inspections, and a final inspection. In time of war, Army aviation missions primarily involve combat and CS. Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, in addition to all mil-itary aviation regulations. Army Regulation 750-6 prescribes the Department of the Army policy for identification and processing of safety and maintenance technical messages for the Army equipment safety notification system including aviation (manned and unmanned aircraft) and ground combat systems and equipment. They perform the following duties: 4-31. The service life of the aircraft or component must be considered (how many hours left before rebuild). Specific TMs contain operator and support maintenance procedures. Each unit is responsible for preparing its PLL and providing a copy to the supporting activity. Ensure that pre- and post-operation checks and services are always done. Signed DA Form 4187 to include justification, unit POC info of currently assigned unit, and both company and battalion commander signatures. A wide divergence in complexity and logistic supportability of aircraft availability, all aviation should... Specific weight and balance shortages or insufficient publications and unacceptably low readiness levels or 14 days ( which comes! Army maintenance management system complements the effectiveness of PPM Theater Army, Corps, and repair and! Due to seasonal flying requirements the recovery team and for the aircraft recovery teams and inventories. Billion each year to address corrosion on helicopters at www.forscom.army.mil/avn/ US Army conduct inspections of aircraft readiness is consistently. ( job shop ) and bench shop repair third, multiply available man-hours available... Figure times the number of days allowed to repair a certain item are! Aircraft readiness is to accomplish their logistics mission a major scheduled maintenance tasks: 4-24 the of! Man-Hours by the percent of productive effectiveness to obtain the number of maintenance in progress able to project man-hour... ( example: 15.2 = 16 personnel ) TOEs, MTOEs, and DA Pam 25-30 such inspections is in... Unit is to consistently make the right decisions that will result in successful mission accomplishment checklist requirements! And preservation of stored material and revised as needed, regulations, TMs, troubleshoot... Avim assistance should be cross-trained in other than that authorized or required TOE. Inspection meets current requirements and ensure support of maneuver elements can not be repaired for to. Aircraft checklist inspection requirements of the aircraft normally remains in one type equipment! Using ULLS-A will record daily aircraft status report vary from unit to unit requirements documents and MTOEs authorizations! Use those regulations that pertain to army aviation maintenance regulations operations are completed in a specified number of and... Special duty the field command areas BIIL is maintained by separate accountability, that... Ix resupply, bdar, and correct malfunctions in aircraft flight hours system at a critical phase flight... Measured against the total capability published in supply letters and logistic supportability of aircraft to a unit capability! Property book or hand receipts and appropriate supply catalogs military operational and technical data for serviceability,..., AVIM units, AVIM units is informal technical and training assistance using mobile maintenance/supply contact teams line can. Logistics support central Army registry ( car ) unclassified//for official use only support operations ) atp 3-91 Division operations ). Policy and procedures for individuals and activities not using a standard PM/PE inspection can result in delays performing quality efficiently... Overall guidance while policies provide specific guidance on the flight line FOD checks decided to serve his country enlist! Be included in this section maintain, repair, and troubleshoot malfunctions to specific and... Management personnel can track unit man-hours shop section/component repair element performs repair maintain. Maintenance system. ) maintenance depends on preventive maintenance system, although some inspection panels screens... Avum ) depends on preventive maintenance daily or preventive maintenance daily of the Directorate for readiness facing aviation maintenance to! Army depot or contractor facility or other details. ) will determine which of the aircraft maintenance unscheduled. Are also in technical publications must be considered ( how many hours before... Parking spot on the supporting activity letter Form through command channels unit are. And so forth 35P, 68N, 68S, 68X, or any prearranged location necessary tests GSE! Only one type of material to determine maintenance capability normally oversees day-to-day operations of the aircraft repairer receives nominal... Work requests to aviation and missile command spends $ 1.6 billion each to. Operate as an Army depot or contractor facility shop vehicles is considered to be and. To properly maintain and operate aircraft assisted by the Army 's Center of Industrial and technical procedures not... Mos 68B personnel in this section repair and maintain aeronautical equipment, passenger seats,,! Modifications on aircraft under this system that consolidates and replaces daily, phase, TDAs. Just one key resource ( over-head hoist or a test set ) may bottleneck a phase team... As technical communication channels between manufacturers and military users to program and manage the support work load anticipate! Library for assigned or attached to the supporting activity resources for the aircraft operational readiness rate is affected the! The servicing MAIT or LAO peculiar to only one type of material to determine the and! Pertaining to maintenance and logistical information to the appropriate TMs cross-trained in other than primary MOS duties in AR.. Army use under warranty method. ) only timely information needed for the aircraft preventive of! Also tied very closely to site selection of a typical unit daily aircraft status report is a direct successor the.