Since official crossovers are so rare, fans have forever imagined how a fight could play out through between two universes. One of the tried and true debates of the anime fandom is deciding who would win in a fight between two heroes, villains, or any fan favorite characters. Saitama vs Goku: who would win? The clash of the titans if it will prove otherwise. If for the sake of this fight Goku is stronger than every other character in the One-Punch Man universe, Saitama will find the challenge he's been searching for. His purest motivation in any arc is fighting strong opponents and challenging himself, but it doesn't always lead him to victory. He can turn into a Super Saiyan, a phase that turns his hair golden and surrounds him in a great energy wave, when the going gets tough. He exists as a plot device in his universe. We have yet to see a being stronger in the One-Punch Man universe, so Saitama could very well end the fight against Goku in single punch. During his fighting career, he has experienced wins and losses but subsequently, he has built up physical and emotional stamina. Experiencing a head injury at an early stage made him strip down his intention of destroying Earth and thereby defending it. But do all the listed powers and abilities of Goku and Saitama make them better for each other? But then it starts to unravel from there. For those who don’t know these two, Goku, from Dragon Ball Z, is an alien known as a Saiyan who was raised on earth, and Saitama, from One-Punch Man, is a bald “hero for fun” who has become extremely bored with his ability to kill anything with a single punch. If that doesn’t do the trick Super Saiyan 2 will, and if that’s not effective enough, Super Saiyan 3 can kick some ass. But Saitama just might get the edge here. Dragon Ball: Will Ultra Instinct Goku Have to Obey the Angel Laws? Would Goku's fighting experience, Mastered Ultra Instinct state, and Goku's desire to win bring him to victory? Anime and Manga fandom has ever since been working on creating humanly impossible characters. In all honesty, its really difficult to decide between the two. As Saitama reigns supreme in the One-Punch Man universe with no monster or opponent that has made him expend any major effort, we still don't have a firm grasp on just how strong Saitama is. Saitama is a blank-faced hero for fun. Goku is a descendent of Saiya sent to destroy all beings of Earth. To make the storyline and characters more bold and enticing to tap into wild imaginations. Or if you'd like, you can debate about it and talk it out with me directly @Valdezology on Twitter! Nova Corps: Little Known Facts About Marvel’s Lantern …, An Artist Morphs Celebrities Into Disney Characters. This cut the supposed unstoppable warlord in half. Over time, Goku has also learned how to use his ki smartly. Saitama vs Goku: who would win? This is on top of the other edge he already has with martial arts, and Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku is a major threat. Now comes the fun part: which of these over-powered ass-kickers would win in a battle against each other? Well, let’s tap into one such wildly impossible imaginations with the hopes that it would happen. He will carry this stamina throughout his life. It subtly reflects that he loves to challenge and likely defeat opponents only to make him stronger. In this fight, Saitama will be going to try for the first time and he will come to know what he is really made up of. He’s such a force that he can push the story forward without any effort. As One-Punch Man explored in the second season, Saitama does not have a grasp on martial arts nor has a semblance of what they are in general. On the other hand, this gives Goku an immediate edge at his skills. It has been a widely discussed topic among otaku everywhere. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fans are often curious about how a fight could play out between two universes. A genuinely admirable person, his superhuman strength through years of training is poles apart from his personality. This is where the ascended level beyond the regular limit comes into play, known as Super Saiyan God, which as of now, has only two phases: the only difference being that the first level turns one’s hair red and the second and most powerful turns one’s hair blue. It’s important to notice that he has never used his full strength yet. Anyway, I think Saitama would win, simply because he is a comedy character, so he is just as strong as he needs tl be for defeating anyone.